To Become an Outstanding Public Speaker

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March 4th, 2022

To become Outstanding at anything, we need a motivator (motive-for-action) that will get us out of our comfort zone and drive us towards self-improvement.

That motivator could be your career, and feeling that you are capable of accomplishing more.

Or maybe it's that burning desire to make a difference, to share your message and inspire change.

Perhaps it's the need to be heard, to stand out, to be unforgettable.

Whatever the driving force, you need the right tools and best strategies to make your goals a reality.


Will Profoundly Change Your Career

Becoming a good public speaker helps us stand out at work, secure bigger opportunities, and have a greater impact.

Great leaders are remembered by how they inspire those around them. When you become an outstanding public speaker, not only do you inspire others, but you bring meaning to your life by sharing your best self with the world. In doing so, you have the potential to become an inspiration for the next generation of women leaders.

Do you feel like a woman who possesses strong talent?  Do you have a lot to offer? Do you give more than what you are asked? Despite your efforts, are you not visible in your company or industry? Do you want to be a professional who is heard and remembered, but are not sure how to do it? 

We are here to teach and help you communicate your powerful and memorable message, offer you the best tactics to become an extraordinary public speaker and provide total peace of mind and confidence to captivate your audience. 



At Most Coporate Events

According to this study, in analyzing gender distribution across speakers by type of events, the top two are fundraisers and galas (54% female vs. 46% male) and social gatherings (60% male vs. 40% female). The least diverse event types are meetings and networking (71% male vs. 29% female) and conferences and conventions (68% male vs 32% female).

Clearly, the vast majority still think that women don't have something to say...but we don't! That's why we created Women Who Have Something to Say!


Premium Program €2,997


Outstanding Public Speaking Program

What It Is

The Women Who Have Something to Say public speaking program is designed to give you the emotional intelligence techniques and public speaking tactics you need to impact your audience and deliver a unique message that will be remembered.

It's a program like no other, as it will train you from the inside-out. In this program, you will learn strategies that will help you grow as a professional, gain self-confidence and develop your emotional intelligence, while mastering public speaking to create a lasting impact on your audience.

Do you suffer from fear of public speaking? Do you feel uncomfortable when all eyes are on you? Do you feel insecure during Q&A sessions?

This program will train you to be assertive and show confidence when you need it most.


This hands-on, innovative program provides the training and practice crucial to your success.

To become an Outstanding Public Speaker a person needs to master both emotional and technical skills. That is why this program offers a unique combination of storytelling, speaking, emotional intelligence and psychology you need for becoming extraordinary at public speaking.

It's designed for multi-tasking professional women, who have the need to improve their public speaking skills, yet don't have as much time as they would to allocate for training. For this reason, the program combines online classes with in-person and in-camera practices with feedback from three expert trainers.


In-person and Online Sessions to Make the Most Out of Your Learning Experience

1. [IN PERSON] Start From the Inside to Impact the Outside +
  • Main challenges women face becoming an Oustanding Public Speaker
  • Focus, language and posture – the emotional triad for public speaking
  • The seven-step framework that top advertisers follow to sell ideas in 15 seconds
2. [ONLINE] Emotional Intelligence to Lead & Engage +
  • Emotional Intelligence - Ten strategies to connect with your audience
3. [ONLINE] All about fear +
  • How to overcome stress and anxiety
  • The five second rule explained
4. [ONLINE] Assertiveness +
  • The five habits of assertive women and how to become one of them
5. [ONLINE] Storytelling +
  • The secrets of storytelling from the greatest authours (Shonda Rhimes, Neil Gaiman and Dan Brown)
  • How to develop a highly captivating speech
6. [ONLINE] Narrative +
  • How to draft your narrative: the three acts
7. [ONLINE] Your Big Idea +
  • Discover your big idea and great message to the world
8. [IN-PERSON] Performance +
  • The principles of performance taken from Usher
  • Deeply understanding your audience
  • Your body speaks
  • Different audiences, different settings
  • Review your big idea and impact the world
9. [ONLINE] Outline & Mapping +
  • Every great speech starts with a secret outline that will help your audience follow your story
  • Mapping key moments along your speech
10 - [IN PERSON] Delivering Your Outstanding Speech +
  • Getting it all together and practicing your speech (individual role-play and roundtable review)
  • Mock interviews (TV and radio interview role-play exercises)
  • Your next step as an Oustanding Public Speaker


This program is specially designed for Women Who Have Something to Say

You should do this program if you consider you are a Woman Who Has Something to Say, committed to make a difference in the world. In fact, through our partnernership with Social Impact Movement, in this program for every female executive that signs-up a female high-school girl will also be trained.

The program is for you if you want to become an outstanding speaker and understand that the journey to improving your speaking skills is one that requires passion, preparation and practice. 

Through this program, you will improve your personal skills and gain the confidence and assertiveness needed to be a great speaker. You will learn how to captivate an audience, be able to compellingly express your opinions on stage or during a presentation.

Preparation and practice will help you become the extraordinary public speaker you deserve to be.

This program is specially for you if:

  • You are looking to take your career to a next level of leadership
  • You are regularly invited to speak at business events and you want to significantly improve your skills
  • You hold a new role with greater public exposure
  • You are an independent professional for whom Professional Public Speaking will give you more public relevance
  • You want to reinvent yourself or want to pursue a new stage in life


This program is imparted jointly by expert trainers from DOOIT and Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW)

MARIANA FERRARI - CEO of DOOIT & Founder of Women Who Have Something to Say

Mariana held several C-Suite Positions at Fortune 500 Companies. When she turned 43 she was named one of the top 200 most creative minds in the world by The Future of Innovation organization in the UK. She then started her own business, created the largest online school in Spanish for professional women and later founded DOOIT, a company which specializes in training workers for the Future of Work.

Mariana is a Professional Public Speaker, an international lecturer and adjunct professor at Florida International University and Barry University. She has trained more than 100,000 professionals throughout the world, both in-person and remotely.

She is the Creator and Lead Trainer of the Oustanding Public Speaking Program.


Abril is Account Director at BCW Miami, with more than 20 years of experience in corporate and brand communications, specializing in media relations and event management for clients across a variety of industries including consumer products, retail, food and beverage, travel and tourism, education, banking, and non-profit.

Leveraging her journalism background, she has significant experience developing key messages for and training executives for participation in press conferences, media receptions, award ceremonies, press room activities, tradeshows and industry conferences. She is fully bilingual and one of the drivers behind BCW’s specialized group serving the U.S. Hispanic market. 


Isina’s strategic work has helped shape brands among Latin American markets and U.S. Hispanic target audiences. At BCW Miami, Isina currently leads the Brand Communications Practice, building strategic and creative programs driven by client's business objectives to position their brand among key stakeholders.

With a specialty in consumer branding and communications planning, Isina develops integrated communications platforms and connects brands with their consumers. Throughout her career she has worked with clients in a wide variety of industries in Latin America and the U.S., overseeing local and regional PR plan implementations, and led numerous media and crisis trainings. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Program kicks-off March 4th, 2022.

Premium Program €2,997

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